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The PARAT 4-way turret

In addition to requiring optimal user-friendliness, the manufacture of precision turned parts places the highest demands on machinery and tool systems. Thanks to the constant further development of conventional and cycle-controlled lathes, the performance spectrum has been significantly enhanced. The importance of the right tool system, capable of also ensuring consistent benefits, is often overlooked.

If different tools for inner and outer fits are needed, it quickly becomes clear how important the flexibility and stability of the tool system used are.

Both tool dimensions and heavy tool handling can soon become a problem.

With its 4 tool locations and a 0.005 mm swivel tolerance, the Parat turret provides the ideal solution.

For external machining, 4 tool locations are available, which reduce the replacement of up to 12.3 kg heavy change tool holders (without tools) - a time-consuming and also strenuous job for the operator - to a minimum.

If external and internal machining are combined in order to swivel both fits in one clamping operation, up to three clamping points are available. Especially with long boring bars, eliminating cartridge change is a great advantage.


Parat turret opening and clamping occurs via a threadless quick-action clamping nut with a quick-release lever.

Different change tool holders are individually tensioned by four eccentric tappets.

We would like to draw particular attention to clamping bolts with thread as well as thread and internal cooling.
When designing these clamping bolts, we managed to make a significant contribution to safety. During a collision, a large part of the energy is absorbed by a special expansion joint, thereby protecting the machine components. Replacing the clamping bolt is mostly sufficient to continue to work in the desired quality and fastest possible way.

For optimally holding different tools, a variety of change tool holders is available in standard design. A special position is taken up here by the change tool holder blank. It is a change tool holder in which the dovetail guide is already hardened and ground. The unprocessed section of the holder can however be adjusted to the specific requirements of special tools.

Needless to say, we also offer quick-change tool holders with special dimensions or technical requirements on request.

As we are convinced of the quality of our Parat turret, we offer our customers a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on turrets and change tool holders (excluding wear parts).

arat 4-way RD turret
RD3 Wechselhalter
A professional tool

Our 4-way turret is available in 5 sizes

With 0.005 mm indexing accuracy it is especially suitable for
installation on modern lathes with digital display or cycle control.

Easy operation and high flexibility leave no turning wishes unfulfilled

PARAT turret SRD

SRD mit Capto

NEWLY patented

Installation identical to RD turret, but with 2 modular clamping points
With IK, tool cutting edge and a diagonally arranged Parat clamping point for all other lathe tools

Those who want to use modular tools, can find the right solution here